AJAX Gaming Experience With YUI

Written by on February 28, 2007 in Games, Interviews - 1 Comment

While many people are sending me reports this week about problems with Yahoo! games, Eric Miraglia posted today a new gaming experience with YUI in an interview with Kris Cieslak. Kris is the author of many games using YUI including Yetris!, Puzzle, Space Invaders and Solitaire. Can YUI games provide a replacement to current Yahoo! games, with more JavaScript, AJAX and less mysterious bugs ?!

YUI does a great job keeping balance between functionality, the size of the library and performance of the functions. Generally I

One Comment on "AJAX Gaming Experience With YUI"

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    I’m addicted to playing puzzle games and have often experienced problems with dragging the elements and putting them together. Yiu makes it a real pleasure getting the whole picture very fast.

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