Interspire Shopping Cart 3.5 Streamlines Buying Process and Increases Conversion Rates for eTailers

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Improve Online Sales by Integrating Single Page Checkout, Custom Shipping Zones and Other Store Management Features Such as Support for iPhone Order Processing


SYDNEY, Australia — Interspire, the global leader in e-commerce, content management and email marketing software, today announced availability of Interspire Shopping Cart 3.5. The newest version of the Interspire private label e-commerce software is the perfect option for businesses searching for a simple way to build and manage an online store with the intrinsic ability to increase conversion rates.
While there are many ecommerce software options, the problem is that they are difficult to use and are often hard to customize without help from a web designer. Retailers find that few programs offer key functionality for running an online business. For example, they do not integrate with marketing tools or provide business intelligence so that business owners can improve their offering.
“A variety of industry analysts in the ecommerce space advocate improving personalization, offering secure buying options and providing quick transactions to turn visitors into customers,” said Eddie Machaalani, CEO and co-founder of Interspire. “Etailers need intuitive products that can impact conversion rates. Interspire products wrap all the features and options needed into one package so our customers can get up and running quickly and sell more.”

Interspire Shopping Cart incorporates store management, marketing and advertising, a Google Adwords generator, design, customization and setup abilities, a content management system and shopper tools. The newest edition of Interspire Shopping Cart has even more features to support online business growth including:
Single Page Checkout — Encourage increased conversion rates with simple checkout that eliminates clicking through multiple pages and reduces shopping cart abandonment. Interspire Shopping Cart also now integrates Google Checkout.
Shipping Zones –Allow customers to view shipping cost estimates prior to check out which can be specified depending on country, state, or postal code.
Order Processing — Interspire Shopping Cart offers the ability to completely process orders on the iPhone by logging into the store

2 Comments on "Interspire Shopping Cart 3.5 Streamlines Buying Process and Increases Conversion Rates for eTailers"

  1. Johan July 19, 2009 at 3:09 pm · Reply

    overpriced cart with many bugs with very high running cost. If your 3 month free support expire you even have to pay to receive bug fixes which really should not have been there in the first place.

  2. Will November 15, 2010 at 2:13 am · Reply

    I have been using 1shoppingcart because most stuff available in Aus has been pretty average to say the least.
    I’ll check this one out and hopefully can find it useful. I wonder if they will incorporate to track affiliates.

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