Visual WebGui based web applications automated IDE built with $300,000 savings

Visual WebGui are sharing with us today a new interesting case study for a web applications automated IDE built with Visual WebGUI : Automato.
“Visual WebGui turns web dreams into reality in a very gracious way while Automato makes it even more powerful… No any other ASP.NET framework does it for you” Alexnaldo Santos


SISMONT Ltda. creates ERP systems in Brazil since 2003 on Windows platform only. Since 2004 the company targets all the systems it designs for the Web platform.

The Automato project was born to integrate different business applications using single development tool, allowing total customization for customers.
The company already offers its accounting system on a Web platform with a competitive production cost thanks to Automato and Visual WebGui. Until the end of 2010, all of SISMONT’s systems will also be offered on Web platform, significantly increasing their potential performance in Brazil.

Business needs

SISMONT needed to offer their systems in a fast, safe and efficient platform. Especially for ERP systems it was essential to be able to offer high scalability and availability. The Web was chosen as the best platform for delivering those objectives.

Visual WebGui is believed to be the best framework to create Web Application by the team but for their customers they also needed a way to efficiently accept customizations. Since purchasing and working with Visual Studio wouldn’t be applicable for SISMONT’s customers, it was important for them to create their own IDE which would further reduce development & customization costs.
In terms of functionality, the following customization features were necessary:
1.Users should be able to change dictionary information (tables, fields and validations)
2.Users should be able to change visual information (forms, reports and user control)
3.Users should be able to change application behavior (change the complete source code)
4.Users should be able to change application resources (images and videos)

The Solution

The solution developed by SISMONT for that matter is Automato which is an automated environment (IDE) for developing web systems using the methodology DDD (Domain-Driven Development). In order to develop the solution it was decided to build it around the powerful Visual WebGui platform for implementing Web applications. “Before Visual WebGui we have tried many others AJAX technologies but only Visual WebGui turned out to enable the creation of complex applications with a zero learning curve. If you know Windows Forms, you know how to develop with Visual WebGui,” said Alexnaldo Santos.

Using Visual WebGui for the core technology on which the Automato IDE is built upon made the entire process of building systems easier, faster via a fully integrated single development tool. “Visual WebGui turns web dreams into reality in a very gracious way while Automato makes it even more powerful,” stated Santos.
With the Visual WebGui platform SISMONT allows to creating complex systems such as ERP, CRM, etc. using the same concepts of desktop applications. This model maximizes the interactivity with the end-user and makes the systems more robust as forms, reports and charts are created using a powerful WYSIWYG visual editor.

The “Empty Client” technology implemented in Visual WebGui effortlessly turns the software extremely secure. “Since we based Automato on Visual WebGui there was no need to find solutions for security issues usually associated with ASP.NET AJAX applications. No any other ASP.NET framework does it for you,” noted Alexnaldo Santos.


Thanks to Visual WebGui SISMONT succeeded in creating an IDE that offers a visual single development environment with a Powerful (WYSIWYG) Form Editor that dramatically reduces the development time, costs and learning curve of rich web application. In addition, those savings benefits inherited from the Visual WebGui platform also contributed to the actual development process of the Automato which eventually saved SISMONT $300,000.

Basing on Visual WebGui and the integration of other technologies allowed the following benefits for Automato as well:

Multiple Database Support – The Automato application allows to support a variety of databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Modeling Database from E/R Diagrams – The creation of tables, fields, indexes and relationships can be made through a powerful diagram editor of E/R.

Compare & Merge Databases Model – Allows the automatic generate the database using the logical model or import it through the physical model from reverse engineering.

Powerful Editor for Charts and Reports (WYSIWYG) – Create powerful reports and charts for your Web application.

Unique Compare and Merge Applications – Visually compare and merge different applications and create a single application. Customizations made in different versions of their systems can be merged in a secure, fast and smart.

Source Control Management – All visual elements and codes are managed by a powerful control system versions. Check-in, check-out, among other commands are integrated into the development environment. The Automato allows the two main models: CVS [Check-out/Edit/Check-in] and SVN [Edit / Merge / Check-in].
Issue Tracking System / Project Management System – System Control Bugs,

Projects and Tasks to the fully integrated development environment. Manage quickly and effectively the development cycle of your applications.


Drag and Drop Components
Integrated with a beautiful DER system
Create and edit reports
Complete application using Automato

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