Gizmox Reveals VWG Sites for XAML Programming


Gizmox the developer of the Visual WebGui web/cloud applications platform adds an alternative way to develop Visual WebGui (VWG) applications using XAML and ‘on demand’ compilation instead of Form based development paradigm. The new declarative programming which will be named VWG Sites facilitates the transition into VWG for web developers who missed the VB6 like development paradigm and use only markup declarative paradigms. VWG Sites will also be the foundation of the VWG IDE in the Cloud. It enables “notepad” style ftp editing with no need for Visual Studio IDE.
“We decided to expend the development experience offered by Visual WebGui in response to web developers’ requests. The web oriented developers wanted to enjoy VWG runtime benefits of desktop responsiveness, desktop richness and absolute by-design security with enterprise level data intensive application, but feel more at home with declarative programming,” said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox and added “We offer an alternative to ASP.NET which we extend and turn into an enterprise level rich internet application (RIA) platform.”
Asp.Net developers have to choose between rich Ajax responsiveness and OOP (object oriented programming). They cannot have both with current Microsoft offering. VWG offer them both; Ultra rich and responsive Ajax and single layer fully, desktop like OOP programming that make complex Ajax development as simple as one layer, MVC development.

“Now with XAML programming we expect ASP.NET developers to find VWG highly compelling for ASP.NET developers that want to develop sites that ASP.NET could not, due to complexities and high volume and transactional data. VWG runtime uses 10% of the bandwidth and CPU compare to ASP.NET and offer an unhackable user interface. These benefits turn ASP.NET into enterprise rich platform,” stated Navot Peled.
A demo of VWG Sites (VWG XAML) implementation that will be the first truly compliable XAML, expected as Beta in 3-4 weeks can be viewed here.
About Visual WebGui
Visual WebGui,, is the first .NET open source Ajax empowered Web/Cloud application platform. It enables uncompromised desktop functionality richness on the web and cloud at commoditized costs. The Visual WebGui solution offers features that build, migrate, run and manage. It removes the Ajax complexities and limitations for business applications, as well as the web and cloud’s single most limiting factor – the network limitation. It enables applications of any size and weight to be used on desktop, web and cloud from the same code base, essentially forever changing the way businesses use web and cloud for their organizational needs. In 2 years, Visual WebGui has more than 600,000 downloads and over 35,000 VWG applications that are in production, at first tier organizations such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, Visa, Texas Instruments, banks, medical, government and military institutions.