GwebMail, Your Private Label Gmail


GwebMail is a GMail like open source Webmail that you can run on your own server using PHP, MySQL and Ajax. It allows to connect to to any email server including Gmail servers and display the email content in a very similar layout to Gmail webmail. The solution aims to reproduce most Gmail features, however don’t expect to find everything there. GwebMail is available free for up to 10 users, there is a $9.95 domain license with unilimited users and updates.
GwebMail features include :

  • IMAP support including SSL encryption (IMAPS)
  • Rich interface using AJAX technology
  • MIME Support including inline attachments
  • Internationalization support with UTF-8
  • MySQL storage for messages, settings and cache
  • Action Logs and reporting
  • Full branding and banner inclusion
  • Message filters allows you to setup rules that auto flag messages
  • Private Label, you are free to remove any copyright or link to gwebmail website
  • Different colors for different type of messages
  • Flag important messages with a Star to find them easyer
  • Fast searching using advanced criteria
  • Drafts and Sent folders
  • Labels with ability to hide
  • Rich HTML editor and fancy upload with progress bar
  • Autocomplete from AddressBook
  • Auto save to Drafts
  • Remove scripts from html messages for more security
  • Block remote images so nobody can track when you read them
  • Open links in a new window and block relative links
  • Display thumbnails for image attachments

You may check the online demo and download sources at Requires MySQL 5, PHP5 with imap, tidy, gd, sockets enabled, and Zend Optimizer for PHP, minimum version 3.3.