appMobi’s HTML5 Development Tools Division Acquired by Intel


Ongoing Relationship Promotes AppMobi’s Cloud Services

In a press release published February 21, 2013, Intel announced the acquisition of appMobi’s HTML5 developer tools and build system and hired the tools-related technical staff. appMobi continues as a strong, high growth company, operating its existing mobileapp cloud services business.

The agreement between the companies establishes a relationship which leveragesthe tight integration of the HTML5 development tools, now owned and managed by Intel, and appMobi’s cloud services, which appMobi will continue to provide todevelopers.

Developers who currently use appMobi’s tools will not be impacted in any way, other than a one-time re-registration the first time they use the Intel version of thetools.

appMobi now becomes a “Pure Play” cloud services company, focused on delivering cross platform solutions for mobile app engagement and monetization on allplatforms – native iOS, Android, Windows 8, and of course HTML5 on desktop andmobile. With this agreement, Intel and appMobi demonstrate their commitment to the continuing deployment, improvement, and ultimate success of HTML5.