HexagonalJS, Single Page Apps Clean Architecture


This week a new JavaScript “idea” have been released, HexagonalJS, a Non-framework approach to JavaScript apps – it’s not even a library. Jan Filipowski explained the basic idea behind this library, and the philosophy behind it :

  1. Business logic is software’s heart and have to be exposed properly.
  2. Business logic is pure: uses only objects that represents domain in domain-valid state.
  3. Client-side app is core of whole project, should be implemented as first.
  4. Server-side API development should be driven by client-side needs.
  5. Client-side and server-side are separated.
  6. Both layers implements MVC.

HexagonalJS is not a framework according to its author, it’s mostly an architectural style adapted to JavaScript apps. The examples already available might give you a better idea on what is HexagonalJS is all about.