Introducing Magix Illuminate, Open Source Ajax Framework for Mono


Magix Illuminate is an open source web application framework for Mono and .Net. The framework is built upon active events, which is a much better polymorphism and encapsulation mechanism than traditional OOP, and hence helps you create much more solid, yet flexible and agile code. Magix is licensed as permissive open source/free software under the free software license of MIT License.


The video below is about hyper lisp, the front-end Magix programming language, where everything is a lambda, possibly sent between servers, effectuating map reduce. It also demonstrates how to polymorphistically override an active event to go to another server.

The second video is an introduction about the active event design pattern, conceptually, which is the facilitator in magix.  active events is for magix, what the url was for the web.  it is really nothing but a simple design pattern, yet still so powerful. Magix is Magic !

To use Magix you will need Mono, Mono Develop and db4o installed on your system. Below some  useful links about Magix :

Download Magix from :