February 28, 2013, No comments

TweetOne of the latest development for a more secure JavaScript, is the Web Cryptography API by the W3C. The latest working draft released on January 8th, 2013, describes a JavaScript […]

Boeing to Debut International Information-Sharing Solutions at Cross Domain Conference

August 5, 2010, No comments

Tweet Boeing will showcase its latest cross-domain transfer solutions — which feature technology accredited at the highest level of protection i ...

HTML5 Insecurities, Ready for it ?

July 21, 2010, No comments

Tweet Facebook, among many others, was suffering recently from different kind of insecurities clickjacking, likejacking, or whatever you like to call ...

SRP-Hermetic, New Ajax Security Library

November 17, 2009, No comments

TweetSRP-Hermetic, a JavaScript library which aims at providing a highly secure Ajax channel implementation (MIT license). Authentication is based on ...

  • Secure Development World 2007 Conference
    May 22, 2007, No comments

    TweetOn September 12-13th, 2007 will be held the Secure Development World in Alexandria, VA, a conference dedicated to secure software development which tracks : Programming and Scripting Security, Attacking Secure […]

  • Opera 9.20 Security Release
    April 13, 2007, No comments

    Tweet Opera software released version 9.20 of its free desktop browser with some notable security changes including : a fix of character encoding inheritance issue with frames, an issue regarding […]

  • Create Secure GWT Applications
    April 3, 2007, 2 Comments

    TweetDan Morrill, Google Developer Programs, posted a very good article on Security for GWT Applications. The article explores the different JavaScript vulnerabilities : Leaking Data, XSS, Forging Requests, JSON and […]