November 6, 2006, No comments

TweetFlickrDrillr combines tags and photos from Flickr using JSON and flickr RSS feed API, but no AJAX ! Animation and other bells and whistles are provided by the YUI, and […]

Javeline TelePort, Open Source server communication layer

March 17, 2006, No comments

TweetJaveline TelePort is an Open Source server communication layer supporting all popular web services such as XML-RPC, SOAP, JSON, REST and Comet. J ...

New Zend Framework with JSON Support

March 5, 2006, No comments

TweetZend Framework have been recently released with 12 ready to use enterprise modules including JSON between them. JSON is an excellent alternative ...

JSON To Be Bundled With PHP Core

February 8, 2006, No comments

TweetThere was a discussion in the PHP internals started by Rasmus about bundling JSON into PHP Core. The JSON Extension which serializes/deserializes ...