0786OS socket
April 20, 2013, No comments

TweetLast night I finished reading Socket.IO Real-time Web Application Development by Rohit Rai, the book is 140 pages published by Packt publishing. The book could be interesting for NodeJS beginners, […]

Head First Ajax Book Reviewed

January 6, 2009, 2 Comments

TweetTo welcome the new year, I wanted to share with you something I don’t know if I can call it a book, or an interactive book, or a book 2.0 [ ...

The definitive Guide to Django and PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects

December 23, 2008, No comments

TweetThis week we have two new books to review, the first from Packt Publishing titled PHP web 2.0 Mashup projects and written by Shu-Wai Chow. The bo ...

Ajax Beginners Guide and Oracle Ajax PHP Books Reviewed

December 9, 2008, No comments

TweetToday we have for you a selection of two Ajax Books from McGraw-Hill Professional. The first one is for beginner and people looking to get starte ...

  • Two New jQuery Books Released
    August 1, 2007, 2 Comments

    TweetThe first two books devoted to jQuery, Learning jQuery and jQuery Reference Guide, have just been published by Packt Publishing. Written by Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg, both books explore […]

  • Upcoming AJAX Books by Manning
    March 7, 2007, No comments

    TweetThere are a couple of new AJAX Books by Manning Publications, after the success of AJAX in Action in 2006, Dave Crane is in action again with two books one […]

  • Top 10 AJAX Books, 2006 Quarter 4
    November 30, 2006, No comments

    TweetThis is the top 10 AJAX Books that have been sold via AJAX Magazine this fourth quarter 2006, the number one was definitively The Definitive Guide of JavaScript : JavaScript: […]

  • The Django Book
    November 3, 2006, No comments

    TweetWritten by Adrian Holovaty and Jacob Kaplan-Moss, the Django book is freely available at djangobook.com. The book is due to be published in 2007 by Apress, 21 chapters and 9 […]