February 20, 2013, No comments

TweetYou certainly know Diablo, but not sure if you saw the isometric minimal-code style version of the game using html5 canvas and javascript ! the latest update extracted one original […]

Galactic Plunder, JavaScript and HTML5 Game

July 14, 2010, 1 Comment

TweetGalactic Plunder is a new JavaScript game that uses the power of Canvas and Audio object in HTML5. The game was developed as a proof of concept t ...

CopperLicht, fast WebGL JavaScript 3D Engine

February 6, 2010, No comments

TweetWebGL is getting hot after being supported by modern browsers Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Now you can even create amazing apps with CopperLicht, ...

Webopoly, New Ajax-based Property Trading Game

September 29, 2009, No comments

TweetWebopoly is a new Ajax-based monopoly-like game written in PHP where players can trade properties like web companies, or products. It supports mu ...

  • Redline, jQuery Powered Racing Game
    November 22, 2008, No comments

    TweetVertigo-projects have a new and amazing racing game powered by jQuery and using the GameQuery plugin. The game itself is about one thousand lines of code, but you will need […]

  • Ajax Multi-Player Blackjack Game
    September 3, 2008, 1 Comment

    TweetAWC Blackjack is a multi-player blackjack game under development but currently available for testers to give feedback and help improving the game. The back-end game server is entirely written in […]

  • BeSlimed, BeJewelled with Mootools
    June 5, 2008, 3 Comments

    TweetFor more gaming fun with JavaScript, BeSlimed is a very interesting Mootools implementation of BeJewelled game – my favorite game on my mobile ! Now you can enjoy it on […]

  • Ajax Powered Wizard Game
    October 2, 2007, 1 Comment

    TweetPaolo Ardoino have written an ajax/javascript wizard game based on dojo framework. The goal for the wizard is to cast fireballs against kobolds. This is the first release of the […]

  • 64squar.es, jQuery-Powered Online Chess
    July 12, 2007, No comments

    TweetToday, jQuery community member Jonah Fox just launched 64squar.es, a completely free, fully featured and easy to use online chess site with a clean simple interface. Users can play opponents […]