April 26, 2008, No comments

TweetLast week we announced in exclusivity the new features of the Ajax RAD tool Morfik2. This week everyone can download the new version of both M2 WebOS and Express […]

Morfik Releases M2, The Next Generation of Ajax IDEs

April 16, 2008, No comments

TweetMorfik revealed today Morfik M2, a major update of the RAD toolkit for the web. With this release Morfik made two products announcements in one: ...

Morfik Announces Development Tool for the iPhone

June 27, 2007, No comments

TweetMorfik announces today the ability of WebOS AppsBuilder to develop AJAX applications for iPhone easily. We have previously reviewed the AJAX capa ...

Morfik 07 Released Version

April 24, 2007, No comments

TweetMorfik 07 pushed today a new release with many new features and bugfixes. Most notable change in this new release are the further enhance ...

  • Morfik Patents AJAX Compiler
    April 2, 2007, 3 Comments

    TweetSlashdotted today, the USPTO granted Morfik a patent for the “System and method for synthesizing object-oriented high-level code into browser-side javascript”. Reading further, it appears that they have patented the [&helli ...

  • Morfik 07, WebOS AppsBuilder Goes 1.0
    March 19, 2007, No comments

    Tweet As planned for end march, Morfik v1.0.0.2 is already here! We had access to internal release 1 candidate, which is going public very soon (this week). Until public release […]

  • Morfik WebOS AppsBuilder In Action
    February 26, 2007, No comments

    Tweet After the previous coverage of the latest Morfik AppsBuilder, you might be interested to know more on how and where to use Morfik. Even still in beta, there are […]